Project timeline

The Stakeholder Working Group sessions were completed on August 12, 2021.



Consultation starts: Context setting—COMPLETE

Apr - May 2021

Preliminary project setup

  • Understand the current state and needs in the performing arts
  • Understand the post-pandemic challenges of underrepresented members of equity-seeking groups
  • Establish Stakeholder Working Group for participation in 4
    engagement sessions

May 10 - May 28 2021

  • Understand key stakeholders and needs in the arts and culture sector and the neighbourhood
Session 1 with Stakeholder Working Group—COMPLETE

Jun 17 2021, 5-8pm

Visioning and content

  • Understanding the stakeholder needs of the community and sector
  • Site review
  • Discovery/examples of possible ideas
  • Visioning session and vision statement
  • Heritage assessment
Session 2 with Stakeholder Working Group—COMPLETE

Jul 6 2021, 5-8pm

Project understanding and design principles

  • Specific project principles and priorities
  • Begin building programming—ambitions and constraints—emerging program elements
  • Aligning with neighbourhood and city needs and requirements
Session 3 with Stakeholder Working Group—COMPLETE

Jul 27 2021, 5-8pm

Concept and functional building program

  • Preliminary building program/design brief outline and elements
Session 4 with Stakeholder Working Group—COMPLETE

Aug 12 2021, 5-8pm

Finalize deliverables

  • Continue discussion about functional program
Submit results from Stakeholder Working Group sessions

Sept 2021

Session 5 with consultants

Sept - Dec 2021

  • Working with consultants including DTAH and Novita on report for Council
Consultation ends

Jan - Feb 2022


  • TO Live Board
  • CreateTO
  • Executive Committee
  • City Council
Executive Council

May 4, 2022

City Council

May 11, 2022

International design competition launched

October 14, 2022

Request for supplier qualifications

Closed November 10, 2022

Shortlist of architecture teams announced

November 29, 2022

Public town hall for design presentations

March 7, 2023

  • Located at Jane Mallet Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Announcement of winning design

March 2023

Executive and City Council approvals for next phase

June 2023

Engagement reports

Context setting


Background information to the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts redevelopment committee

Background research report

Setting the stage: Reimagining St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

Building Program Report

Re-imagining the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts report based on stakeholder working group sessions

Meeting minutes

Report to the committee

TO Live - St. Lawrence Centre Redevelopment Committee consideration on April 5, 2022


Executive summary

STLC NEXT survey findings