Why is the STLC changing?
Despite the remarkable 52-year history of the current STLC, the physical, economic and functional life of the building has reached its usefulness. The pandemic and its impact to the cultural and creative sector have shown more acutely how the performance spaces remain outdated and inflexible, and no longer reflects industry wide standards for performing arts companies – accessible facilities that are flexible, adaptable, and configurable. The public also identified the necessity to utilize civic assets for the public for gathering spaces and alternative uses beyond conventional performance times.
The City would have to spend significant funding just to bring the facility into a good state of repair and to address provincially legislated accessibility requirements by 2025. This spend would not even touch the antiquated facilities which are causing a decline in usage. 
How was the community consulted?
TO Live has consulted extensively throughout the process including surveys, facilitated roundtable discussions, commissioned research, Indigenous communities and various Stakeholder Working Groups for the project. The project website has been focused on keeping the public informed by sharing information on the consultation and design process. We will continue to update the public throughout the process.
What is the vision for the new STLC?
Through the public consultation, citizens determined the vision for a reimagined STLC that is animated all day and night and is utilized by artists and their audiences. The re-imagined St. Lawrence Centre will deliver three important benefits for the City:
  1. A cultural ecosystem where renewed cultural spaces, innovative spaces and gathering spaces will anchor the STLC as a cultural and civic hub along the important Front Street cultural corridor.
  2. Affordable access to state-of-the-art spaces for the performing arts sector, the local neighbourhood, and all Toronto communities.
  3. State-of-the-art cultural capacity and technology to support the next generation of creatives and generate economic activity to Toronto.
What facilities will the new STLC provide?
The new STLC will create a cultural hub that delivers on the needs of the entire city. It will also be an in-demand home for current tenants and other non-profit arts and cultural groups that provides the following:
  1. A main stage flexible performance hall (750-1,000 seats)
  2. An intimate acoustic hall (400+ seats)
  3. 2 rehearsal/multi-purpose spaces
  4. 8 artist studios
  5. Media/recording studios
  6. A kids zone/community space
  7. A café/restaurant
  8. 30,000 sq ft of public realm (inside and outdoor Green space)
  9. A bridge connecting to Meridian Hall
How is Scott Street affected?
The architectural team is working with various agencies of the City of Toronto including Transportation and Planning to design a connection to Meridian Hall and pedestrianize a portion of Scott Street.
Will the community have access to the new STLC?
Yes! The reimagined centre will be completely accessible to the public.
Is this a City of Toronto project?
Yes. In January 2020, City Council unanimously endorsed the replacement of the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts with a new re-imagined centre as a state-of-the-art cultural and civic hub for the City’s creative communities and the community at large. The current work being undertaken on this initiative is a partnership between the City of Toronto and TO Live.
How will the project be funded?
The vision for the project includes funding support from all orders of governments. TO Live believes that the redevelopment of the STLC has economic benefits for Ontario and Canada in addition to the City of Toronto.
Under the leadership of the TO Live Foundation, a capital campaign will be mounted to raise the balance of the capital funding.  TO Live will leverage the work of the fundraising team to effectively start identifying and cultivating prospects who have the potential to make lead campaign gifts which will include donations and naming rights.  To achieve the highest level of success, this funding model requires commitment and collaboration by the TO Live Foundation Board and Capital cabinet and the City of Toronto.
What is the timeline for construction?
TO Live anticipates breaking ground in 2026 and opening the doors in 2030.

TO Live is a non-profit charitable arts organization and an agency of the City of Toronto. Our venues include Meridian Hall (formerly the Sony Centre), St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, and Meridian Arts Centre (formerly Toronto Centre for the Arts). TO Live is at the heart of creative Toronto, presenting an unmatched breadth of entertainment, spaces for artistic expression, and a commitment to Toronto’s diverse community.


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